The University of Texas brought me to Austin in 2003, and it was at UT that I took my first yoga class. While I initially took yoga classes as a flexibility component to become a more well-rounded athlete, my time on the mat eventually grew from exercise into moving meditation. The coordination of movement with breath focuses my mind, and I’m in the zone. Yoga has also been instrumental in helping me to understand that life cannot effectively be compartmentalized into “components” to be regarded separately. As human beings we have physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions, and each informs the others. Our various dimensions are in a constant state of flux, and yoga teaches us to challenge ourselves while exercising compassion. Seeking to strengthen and deepen my yoga practice, I received my 200 hour RYT certification from American Power Yoga in 2010. I love yoga because it meets people where they are, and when I teach, I aim to help my students find challenge that leads to growth.